We like to keep it simple.  Our pricing is broken down into 3 categories.

* PowerPoint Presentations $15
* In-house Newsletter or Website  $20
* Corporate Newsletter $30

Your cartoon can be used for a single presentation, for any size audience. This includes repeat presentations with the same content and any handouts included with your presentation.

In-house Newsletter
Small run newsletters printed through in-house copiers or local quick print shops.  Anything up to a 1,000 quantity. Page count does not matter.  Newsletters posted to your website go for the same price, but we’d like to set a limit of 60 days.

Corporate Newsletter
Offset or professionally printed newsletter distributed to more than one subsidiary of your company.  Quantities over 1,000 would count, even if printed at the local print shop.

How Does it Work?
Select your cartoon and look for the “usage” menu. Select from the 3 categories and click on “buy”. It’s that simple.  You’ll be guided to the PayPal site and once the payment has been sent, right back to our website, where you’ll get access to the high resolution version of your image. Once that appears on your monitor, simply right-click to “save as” a jpeg or gif, to your own destination.

Free Sample
Here’s a link to a sample of your high resolution image.  You’re free to use this cartoon, as long as my copyright information appears on the image.   All cartoons are supplied as JPEG files, scanned in at 300 DPI, Greyscale format, roughly 5 1/2″ square.  This is sharp enough for offset printing. If you need an image large than 6″, please send me a note and we’ll get that over to you by email.

Although we’re using a basic honor system here, there are laws regarding the legal use of our images.
You won’t own the cartoon or the copyright. You will be paying a permission fee to use the cartoon for a specific purpose but I retain all copyrights to the work. Once purchased, it’s been legally authorized for a single use in your newsletter or presentation. Please review our copyright page if you have any questions.