Our cartoons may only be used one time, for a single purpose, chosen as one of the 3 categories described in our store.

You will not own the cartoon or the copyright for the cartoon image. You are paying a permission fee to use the cartoon for a specific purpose, which you’ve described by choosing from our 3 options. I retain the copyright to the work, and will authorize you to legally use the image for your presentation or project.

You are not buying exclusive rights to the cartoon. The usage rights for the same cartoon can be licensed to numerous other clients.

You are not allowed to sell the cartoon, foreword it, or allow a third party to use the image. Your fee covers a single usage.

When you purchase a cartoon, you will immediately receive an email with instructions for downloading your high resolution image.  The artwork is saved as a JPEG, in Greyscale format, 5 1/2 inches wide, and scanned at 350 DPI.

If you need a bitmapped image or a higher resolution image, simply send an email with the image number and subject matter, and we’ll supply a new image.

You will also receive a statement of permission for the  requested usage and a receipt for your own records.

Please contact me with any further questions.